The Lineage of Our Making.

Visual Collections of Motherhood // Toledo, OH

A portrait study.

I cannot begin to find the words that I feel truly capture the sentiment of what this project means to me. Motherhood—a heaving, an unbecoming, a breaking, a baptizing. To have captured such moments through the lens of my camera and weave together these narratives of mothering that myself and these women have lived—it's transformative to say the least. Looking back on these visual collections as I put the final piece of this project together has my heart overwhelmed all over again. Because this is motherhood—the real, the raw, the vulnerable, the emotional, the grit-filled. This is its glory.

From the genesis of this study, it was meant to serve as my testimonial. It was meant to show truth of my sacrifice and surrender. But in retrospection, perhaps it did much more. It broke me open all over again—exceeding the birth experience.

This project is partially funded by an Arts Commission Accelerator Grant made possible through support from Promedica, the Ohio Arts Council, the National Endowment for the Arts and other generous supporters.